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Winning Justice for Working Women

9 to 5 Action Network

9to5 is a membership organization dedicated to the rights, raises and respect of working women. Our mission is to build a movement of low-wage women to achieve economic justice.

9to5 combines activism, research and public education to win real changes for women on the job. We've published books on sexual harassment and balancing work and family, as well as guides and reports on issues ranging from affirmative action to workplace health and safety. With members in all 50 states and activists in 200 cities, we are able to improve policies affecting millions of women.

By taking action today, you'll become part of the solution, taking steps to win better wages and working conditions for women.

By becoming a member of 9to5, you become part of a working women's movement. We'll send you our bi-monthly Newsline, with updates on important issues facing working women, and ways you can become a working women's advocate in your community. Join online today at